Warehousing & Storage Services

Careful storage of your goods

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Custom Transport

Complex logistics

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Cleverly Combined

Quick & save delivery of your goods

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Seven Logistics

Fast & safe shipping. Every time. Everywhere.

custom hydraulic manifold blocks
Hydraulic Manifold Block
Hydraulic Manifold Blocks
CNC manifold Block
Custom Manifold blocks
manifold block manufacturers
Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturers
aluminum hydraulic manifold block

Cargo insurance

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24/7 Support

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Perfect timing

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3000+m2 of storage

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Quality logistic services

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                                Customer Reviews



“The product had a nice looking, and worked fine. Looks like it is to be well made and seems to hold up. I’m going to order another one.”


“The price paid is well to me. The working pressure of 3000 PSI (max) is fine until now. It looks great and hopefully it will live up to the “QUALITY” claims that it made.”


“We used valve blocks as replacement in our new projects. We checked and these were working OK and the price was good. They fit perfectly and are operating great.”


“We paid a lot more for overpriced original parts before. These factory items work just fine…better actually. These fit perfectly and have no problems at all.”



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